Perfect Fit Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company that provides you with the best nutrition approach to accommodate your lifestyle needs! Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Constance Shelby, works with her clients to come up with realistic approaches to nutrition and food that will last a lifetime.

Meal planning
Weight loss/weight management
Fitness/sports nutrition
Diabetes & heart health
Wedding day preparation
Postnatal nutrition
Optimal health & disease prevention
Group seminars

About Constance

Photos of me 12.16 Constance Shelby, owner of Perfect Fit Nutrition, is a registered dietitian and nutritionist located just outside of Jackson, Mississippi. She is passionate about seeing her clients transform their health, weight, and performance through nutrition and food.

At Perfect Fit Nutrition, Constance thoroughly assesses each client and helps identify problems that may be hindering nutrition successes. She provides education on real and attainable nutrition that is specific to each individual’s situations and needs. Constance believes that enjoying food and staying in shape can be one in the same with the right knowledge. She knows that no one is ‘perfect’, but is confident that she can help YOU find your perfect fit for nutrition, weight and health success!

Constance previously served as Health and Wellness Director at a local nonprofit for five years. She recently came home to spend more time with her daughter and working on her business. She works with several patients a week in a local clinic on weight loss and disease management. Constance is a member of the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, along with the Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics where she actively serves as the Consumer Protection Coordinator and was chosen as the 2015 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year and the 2011 Most Outstanding Dietetic Intern of the Year

Constance is married to her high school sweetheart and the love of her life. They have one daughter who is currently winning the battle with a rare food allergy called FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome). Constance loves crossfit, barre, and running.  She enjoys trying new recipes, and figuring out how to make them taste great while keeping them healthy. Constance is simply a motivated, outspoken Mississippi girl who wants to share the truth about nutrition and health to anyone who will listen!

Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion
Mississippi State University
Master of Science in Nutrition
University of Southern Mississippi
Dietetic Internship
University of Southern Mississippi and University of Mississippi Medical Center

Registered Dietitian
The Commission on Dietetics Registration
Licensed Dietitian
State of Mississippi

Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Public Speaking, Sports Nutrition, Wellness Nutrition, Food Service Nutrition, Individualized Meal Planning and Weight Loss