2017 Healthy Food Trends

If you are like me, you have probably overindulged a little in the past few weeks. But 2017 is here and we are ready to start it out right! After eating your lucky new year foods today (shout out to my mammaw for the best black eyed peas and cabbage in town!), let’s start thinking […]

Let’s get physical this holiday season!

So I know that we always hear that the average American gains 5 pounds during the holiday season, but that is actually an inaccurate claim. Studies have shown that average-sized people gain closer to one pound per year during the holidays. However, the problem is that the one pound is never lost. So year after […]

How water will keep you skinny this holiday season

  I kind of sort of love how water has become a fad. I mean think about it… Everyone is spending $30-$50 on these cutesy water bottles (and cups) to carry around and sip on throughout the day. Or at least I will pretend that’s what everyone has in their bottles. The other day Jess […]


  The holidays are here people. Dietitians prepare for this time. We prepare ourselves for the endless questions from you all about how to not “get fat” yet enjoy all the lovely sugar and fat infested foods that are everywhere for over a month straight. We also prepare to have very few clients buying into […]

My baby has a rare food allergy…..

May 4th is National FPIES Awareness Day. Three months ago I didn’t even know what FPIES was, and I can bet that unless you are one of our close family members or friends reading this, you likely don’t know what it is either. FPIES stands for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. Basically, it is a […]

Nutrition is the Base

If we pay attention, the topics of nutrition, fitness and health seem to be all the rave. Magazine covers, new book releases, talk show guests… people are always promoting the next best thing for weight loss, strength gain, or how to feel better, younger, hotter. Sometimes they get us. They reel us in and next thing you […]

National Nutrition Month- Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle

National Nutrition Month- Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle

    So, it’s March. March is one of my favorite months! Although March usually brings pollen and my terrible sinus issues, March reminds us that winter does not last forever (thank the good Lord) and that summer is in our near future! March was the month my youngest sister was born- which always calls […]