We are currently living in a world full of diets and products that are “guaranteed” to work. The problem is, they are not individualized and they are hard to sustain. You start a diet or product, do well for a little while and then it gets expensive, boring, or just doesn’t work.


None of us have the same exact bodies or lifestyles, so why should we have the same nutrition guidelines???


The Lean Queens Weight Loss Challenge is designed to provide each member with individualized nutrition needs so that you know exactly what it takes to achieve your specific goals, while delivering tools and effective information to support you on your journey. Not only will you walk away from the challenge lighter, but you will walk away with solid nutrition knowledge rather than with a head filled with bogus do’s and don’t’s of yet another “diet.” You will have confidence in the nutrition choices that you are making for yourself and you will see the positive results of those choices!



8 WEEKS FOR $80 ( September 27- November 22)

Sign up before September 25th! Before September 27th, you will receive an assessment email to complete and send back. You will also be added to the private Facebook group by September 26th. This challenge will run until the week of Thanksgiving- just in time to get rid of some of that weight before the holidays!



  • Access to a licensed and registered dietitian who has helped hundreds of people on their weight loss journey

  • A detailed assessment to ensure the best fit for you

  • Individualized calorie and macronutrient plan specific to your needs and lifestyle

  • Exclusive private Facebook group access where you will:

    • Have access to videos based on nutrition topics requested by you

    • Receive healthy recipes and cooking demos

    • Make friends with women who are just like you

    • Stay up to date on the newest nutrition info

    • Receive ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability

    • Receive guidance on grocery shopping, eating out, and so much more!

  • Initial and final weigh ins/measurements/before and after photos (all measurements and weights will be hidden and all photos will be taken on your own phone to ensure privacy)

  • A community of women just like you to help you along your journey!

You are likely here because you have heard one of your friends talking about it. And they are talking about it because it works, it is not complicated, and it is sustainable!



****Participation does not require you to be local!****


Initial WEIGH IN WILL TAKE PLACE THE EVENING OF Wednesday, September 27TH! Final weigh in will take place the evening of monday, november 20th. MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND PLAN TO BE THERE! weigh in attendance is not required, but is encouraged to get that extra piece of accountability 🙂

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